Braised Lamb Shanks and Wine Pairing

Every month at Atlantic Shores, we do a special wine tasting where residents sample a range of wines introduced by a wine representative, paired with delicious delicacies from our kitchen. The wines are generally from the same region, and sometimes from the same winery. The representative explains everything including the growing region, climate, information about the vintner,…



Atlantic Shores Continues Award-Winning Cuisine Tradition

Chef’s “Nouveau-Senior Cuisine” Impresses Foodie Residents and Area Judges Atlantic Shores Retirement Community in Virginia Beach, Virginia, has extended its reputation as culinary leader in their industry and region with the recent addition of Executive Chef Bryan Haines. In his position, Bryan oversees every culinary aspect of Atlantic Shores’ three on-site restaurants, developing original, delicious…


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Helping Residents Embrace Technology

Atlantic Shores’ technology initiatives were featured in a national story in the March-April issue of LeadingAge Magazine, one of the country’s top trade publications.  An observation by Sara Hamm, vice president of successful aging and health services at Lifespace Communities, sums up a challenge to providers as we approach the 3rd decade of the 21st…



Shrimp & Grits With a Twist

Bryan Haines, our Executive Chef at Atlantic Shores, recently sat down with WHRO and explained why he loves being a chef. He even shared his very own Shrimp & Grits With a Twist recipe. One of the benefits of being a chef or culinary professional is the ability to create recipes, as well as to take…



Atlantic Shores Flounder Rockefeller

Craving something rich, satisfying and unique?  Try our Atlantic Shores Flounder Rockefeller — a dish that transforms fresh flounder, with a creamy Rockefeller sauce, garnished with fried oysters. Here are the easy steps! Ingredients: 12  oysters each one shucked (reserve liquid) 2lbs fresh flounder 4oz butter 4 each bacon slices, diced ¼ cup onions, small diced ¼ cup…



Baking for the Holidays with Atlantic Shores

This holiday season, instead of creating the usual pies or cakes, why not surprise your friends and family with a Cranberry Apple Tart Tatin? This festive tart features delicious ingredients cooked in sugar and butter, baked in a pastry, then inverted for serving. Enjoy this recipe from our Executive Chef, Bryan Haines. Cranberry Apple Tarte…



CovaBiz Community Awards 2016

Atlantic Shores has been honored with the CoVa BIZ Magazine Community Impact Award, as one of the top 10 local businesses consistently and creatively making an impact in our community by giving back. We’re proud of how our staff and residents share their gifts and talents to make the world a better place through a variety of community…



Unique Ramen Dish

Recipe Fall is a time for warm comfort food. But it doesn’t have to always be heavy. Enjoy a unique Ramen dish from our Executive Chef Bryan Haines and his staff that you can adapt with any ingredients and seasonal vegetables you choose. Warm (and healthy!) for a cool fall day. Pork Broth: 4 oz…


The Pilot

Col. William Jenkins, U.S. Navy

Navy Reserved, National Guard In 1942, WWII was heating up and Bill Jenkins, age 18, was not a man to let a mere 4-F classification stand in the way of his plans to serve in military. “I had decided I wanted to be a Navy pilot,” recalls Jenkins. “So I went to the recruiting station…